You and Yourself


Yes you read it correct I have discovered a new hobby for myself “crochet”. For the last 6 months I am here in Dubai doing nothing and sitting at home is enough to make me bore. One day when I was searching videos on YouTube I got across to the videos of how to crochet, it got my attention watched 1 video then second and then third and so on. I felt like I can do this, which is so easy to do it and guess what I did it.

The main point is when one wants to do something it requires courage and motivation. The best motivator is YOU for yourself, do not depend on others whether they praise you or never look at yourself from their eyes, if you want to do something do not hide it inside you, let the world see you talent when you become something those people who once de-motivated you they will be proud of yourself. Give time to yourself and think what you want to do not others want to see you. It is your life makes the most of it, follow your dreams and become someone who you want to be.

There are people who especially women who are discourage to do work as per their liking, but when their family supports them it builds confidence in them and they become the most confident and successful lady, it is new era where working women is no more a taboo but men should not rely on his women income let her live her life so she can fulfill her dreams.

Be yourself not only women but men also. Do not live others life.





The main and biggest con for me is I can’t do any type of home based business, as I was running before my marriage in Pakistan. I was a successful Baker which I runs from home but here there are so much rules and regulations (which indeed a good thing) but for a Pakistani like me is a very big issue. I am latterly dieing to bake and sell cakes. But one can’t just can’t do the business from her/his home. Here many people are doing but for me I need to do publicity and it is very risky to do if they see anything like this they wil charge a fine for it.

Anyway if my readers can suggest something please do share you feedback. is my page to visit my art of cakes.

Living outside Pakistan

After a long long time I managed to write a post. My wedding anniversary is next month and I shifted to Dubai in December. Life seems too easy in early days when you are free from rook took from anyone. It’s so much pleasure to wake up at any time and do whatever you want at anytime. But that’s not all after few days one start missing and starts to get bore with this life. Living in a home where you have to spend whole day alone and husband come between 7 to 8 PM makes life dull and boring.

No place in the world can take place of your home. But home is where husband is, so many girls has to accept this reality and make everything according to it.DChitwood_TheresNoPlaceLikeHome

Living abroad has many benefits and drawbacks too. Wait for my next post for it.

Till then take care!

Elections 2013

ImageElection took place on 11th May 2013, and the results are much unexpected. The turn out of the election was about 60%-80% and it consists only because of Imran Khan, he urged people to go out and vote. This time youth is highly involved in the elections. Everywhere we can clearly see the support of PTI. This thing is not digestible for most of the political parties especially MQM in Karachi and PMLN in Punjab. They rigged the elections and denying it undoubtedly. How can we trust these politicians when they are exposed how they cheated in the elections and still blaming PTI how they treat them? But now youth has come out they are protesting for their rights. They want change. Imran Khan is agreeing on the fact that his party did not clean sweep but what happened to them in some constituencies cannot be tolerated.

Yesterday the protest was in Lahore Defense and in Karachi at teen talwar, these two areas are of highly educated people. Why they are taking the pain of protesting just because they want change, they love Pakistan. Most of the people are eye witnessed of these rigging.

Election Commission of Pakistan has promised to hold fair n free elections but they are failed and the funny part is they are congratulating and accepting that actually they hold a fair n free elections in the history of Pakistan, but the truth is this is the most rigged election in the history of Pakistan.

Every political party is screaming that they are innocent and they want re polling in some constituencies. What I think they should arrange re polling in the presence of Army.

The main purpose of these protests of PTI is to arrange re polling because they have proves of rigging in their polling stations. How one can deny the videos and pictures evidence? Ridiculous! How can people support liars like Nawaz Sharif, Shebaz Sharif and of course Saad Rafique?


P.S. I am not allowed to go in the protest of PTI; I am a huge supporter of PTI this is my little contribution in the protest however I didn’t see any rigging in my polling station since I have voted first time so I went early in the morning and was excited because I was going to contribute in the part of change but when I came back and hear news of rigging it actually made me think where I am living? Why nobody has the opportunity to vote the person he/she likes. Its youth who came out to vote, and now they are protesting just for their rights. ECP has to listen them they cannot leave like this.

Ye Pal Humein Yaad Aenge Wo Kal Yad Aenge.


The title says it all, yes, my university life ended, done with my bachelors. But I can never forget this life, 4 years of university life. Still remember the first day of my university, my friend Marium asked me to go with her in Rikhshaw, but  I was afraid of traveling in Rikshaw, sounds really funny now, but still managed to go university with my another friend. The all-new faces with clean white universityform with karak wala peach duppata thank God I didn’t buy that, all were busy in writing down the timetable and yes all were writing the wrong time table.

Loudspeaker and I were already friends as we were in the same collage and spent a whole year with each other as we became good friends and decided to study in the same coaching centre. Now after spending 4 years in university I come to conclusion larka hai nahi bas loudspeaker ka masla hai werna larki achi hai aur bhae bht hee emotional hai 😛

Time passes by my circle of friends was increasing, Sidra and Subika joined us in early days, and we made the group of 4, but have linked with everyone.

After a month a weird type of girl joined us now called Short-term memory loss the most helpful person like a Khidmate Khalq foundation, but at that time we always enjoyed her talks and got amazed aray kesi larki hai yaar 😛 and still she is the source of tafreeh for all of us :D. Short-term memory loss has the bad habit she shares each and everything with everyone.

Iss se yaad aya early days of university a girl always found with her cell phone and she was famous because of her prominent act 😛 (You remember girlssss?? 😀 ) here comes Gajni 😀 she and me had lots and lots of fights but those fights results in k hum ik dosre se bht pyar kartay hain ab, ramazan main sehri tak bateein karna and still ik dosre ka tissue paper hain :D. She entertain us with her soooo much stupid talks. Dimagh ki batti gul hogai hai bachay jo hotay hain woo phr aisa hee kartay hain 😛

Jab pheli baar is larki se mili tu laga bhae bht intelligent hai but baad main pata laga k ye chalak budho hai 😀 har event hune se phele “Kitna Maza Aeyega” ki rat shuru hojati thi 😛 har jaga janay ka shoq aur hamesha ajeeb o gareeb idea any ki factory 😛

After an year my friend Marium jinki badolat mujhy Jinnah University ka pata laga tha got married. Shaadi ka shoq unhune parhai chor d :P, unki ik friend ne humein join kar lia. She was the first one whom we adopted :D. chuppi rustum always say iska kia matlab hota hai :P.

First, outing — we went for the shoot of some program for Samaa and on that day, I also got a shield because my picture was selected as a cover page of Ayaan. And on Dawn News as a audience.

The way we play air hockey at Dolmen Mall and the 5th one started playing also it was really funny 😀

The fun we did during making our documentaries, still remember all the jhoooot 😀 (zada nahi likh sakti is k baray main u know) 😀

Is ye yaad aye kuch log jo aye aur phr chalay gaye Miss 45 minutes, was a good pal but still do not know why she left our group.

Bohat se log aye aur hum har kisi ko adopt kartay gaye is se andaza hua k Humara group bohat he strong raha tota nahi MASHALLAH se J

Gajni ki aur meri larai hahaha wah kia kia nahi kaha tha loved that 😀

Bus se utar k point main bhagna aur ik point se utar k dosre k lye, last day tu intehan hogai thi chingchi se utar k bus main 😛

Aur still remember when I say bus se utar jao aur utar bhi gaye thy Shmeela Madiha aur main 😀

Ye blog always update hota rahega jab bhi kuch yaad aega 4 years ko ik blog main sum up karna is near to impossible J

Have fun!

Stop Biasness!

Note: It is my blog I will share what I feel like and what I observe, if u disagree with it keep it in good words that would be bettImageer.

I also condemn killing in Quetta which takes place every day. Islam never teaches to kill anyone but those people who are doing and using the name of Islam they should put forward. I am Sunni but whenever I talked about Sunni killings people started saying to name it Muslims killing then why every day this Shia killing gets trend on twitter and other social websites? I am against Shia killings and other people but only they are not being killed by terrorists but Sunnis and other sects too.

News channels never report about the killing of Molvis of Sunni, why? Media always show biasness in every issue. Even social media is also surrounded by some people who are spreading hatred against Sunnis. The reason behind is this Sunnis have no unity among themselves. Here again I am not against anyone but they are not only innocents.

I know I am not so much well-informed person but what I feel is this killing should not be termed as Shia Killings or Hazara Community they should be stated as Pakistani killings. It is a war which is forcefully given to us. Pakistan is surrounded by enemies so stop using terms as Shia genocide and Hazara Community should name as Pakistani Killings.

Jihad is misunderstood by everyone. The so-called liberals who think a molvi is a jahil person actually they are unaware of what they should follow or not.

Every individual follow his/her own Islam and think the other one is wrong. We are surrounded by extremists not only those people who are extreme in religion but modern Muslims also. Each person who is too much into something is extremist not only Religious extremist. Why we not pin point other religious scholars as extremist but only Sunni Scholars are being targeted by other people.

At some point, I am conservative and I am proud to be. I cannot bear my Sunni and other Pakistani brothers’ killings. No one is allowed to kill anyone without any reason.

Qadianis are not at all Muslims. Because they do not believe, that Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa SAW (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah. Allah fixes seal of prophet hood here itself. So if they say they are Muslims they are fooling themselves.

In other Hadith

“Whoever abuses my Companions, upon them is the curse of Allah, the angels and all the people” [Saheeh, At-Tabaranee].

Show love not only to your community but also for the country please! Today India is threatening us for the war, those who abuses our arm forces they should know they are taking breath in an Independent country just because of them.

So stop killing every Pakistani and leave us. We are united every community is a peaceful community so a Pakistani.

Yell to bring a Social Change through Making Films

60 seconds film festival

60 seconds film festival

Can films bring social change in the society? Yes, films have the potential to bring change socially; people specially youngsters follow and admire what they watch in films. They start implementing what they see in the films.
We all know that there are many films are being produced in current time. But if we look at them from the angle of quality, our eyes come back empty. The best part is everyone can make such types of films. Pick up your cell phone and shoot whatever you like and there are platform that will appreciate and put the common people work infront of the public. There are many issues which need to be highlighted but at the same time if there is somewhat good is happening then it should also be brought in to limelight, show the people and make them realize they can also be a part of something good. It is not about the length but the quality of story and the matter of the film which attracts the audience.
As Kim Cattrall said
 If you stick with a vision, it might not all work, but some of it will be absolute genius. To me, 15 minutes worth of absolute genius in a film is so much better than two hours of mediocrity. I would rather pay to see something different like that.

For this purpose, Morango films take the initiative and conduct a competition of films within Pakistan. The duration of films is of 60 seconds only. Think what you can put forward in just 60 seconds it is not so difficult task because many people have contributed already from all over Pakistan. This festival started on 1st July 2012 and received affectionate response. Due to so much pressure, the organizers extended its deadline to 30th of November 2012. The main purpose of this competition is, first of all, to spread the positivity. Second is to provide a platform to the young producers, filmmakers, and artist from all over Pakistan. This festival not only presents a platform to show case their talent but also has so many incentives to those who participate and win the festival. There is a panel of jury who will judge the participating films. Jury members include Mehreen Jabbar, Sohail Javed, Amena Khan and Amin Matalqa. Not only this the best film will show on social media, different other platforms and most importantly ARY Music will also on air the selected films. Films can be powerful. They let us live someone else’s life. They can help us understand the world from another’s viewpoint. Films have a potential to change the mindset of the people and let them aware of different issues and happenings. Festival Director Abrar Hassan is an innovative, young social entrepreneur who has been using mass media to inspire ownership of Pakistan’s current challenges and future. Through his company, Morango Films, he produces documentaries and public services campaigns that give voice to neglected communities and highlight local-level heroes. Abrar ul Hassan, Festival Director said

Such initiatives can bring hidden issues to the people, to resolve them and bring social change. We need narratives from people without any color correction.